....Born Ready!!

Hey Everyone,

Due to his hearing issues Graham has decided that he'll have to stop playing before he goes completely deef!

As The Enzymes is essentialy HIS band we feel it'd be wrong to go on without him (I know I'd be lost without the big ugly bugger) so the time feels right for us to call it a day (at least for now, you never know...)

We'll be appearing at Storming the Castle on the 30th of April and then hanging up the ties until Saturday December 21st, when we'll be dusting them off for a final Christmas knees up at the Office in South Shields - it'd be fab if you could all join us and help us make it a night to remember (...or TRY to remember the next day.)

On a personal level, I've had a great time with The Enzymes, made a lot of new friends and had some proper hoots.

Many, many thanks to you all for your support. we couldn't have done it without you & you've never let us down. You do indeed rock!


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